5 Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Easy Clean Up

The kitchen is the busiest room in many homes. It’s the family gathering place, the makeshift office, your favorite restaurant, and it can be the most difficult space to keep clean but kitchen cleaning doesn’t need to take up all of your time.

While it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your kitchen about once a month, a daily cleaning routine can reduce the time spent cleaning overall.

Follow these simple kitchen cleaning tips to keep the heart of your home looking its best!

Reduce clutter on counter tops to make kitchen cleaning easier.

Start with Less to Make Kitchen Cleaning Easier

An overrun of clutter – even items that you love – can make the kitchen seem untidy and take up space you could be using for cooking or entertaining. Store as much as you can off of counter tops. Consider moving less frequently used appliances such as mixers and blenders to the pantry, keep utensils in a drawer, and edit your décor to display only a few beloved pieces. A designated drop zone for mail, school papers, office supplies, and miscellaneous items will discourage disorderly pileup.

 Make kitchen cleaning easier by cleaning as you cook.
Clean as You Go

Get in the habit of putting things away after you use them. Return coats and bags to the designated area instead of dumping them on the table after school and work. It’s easy to leave these items out when you’re in a rush or tired from the day but this tip will have the biggest impact on keeping your home clean.

Use the same process when you’re cooking. Fill the sink with hot soapy water so you have a place to corral dishes that need to soak or be hand washed. Load the dishwasher as you’re finished using items. Wipe up small spills as they happen, and before they have time to stick. These small tweaks will save tons of time on your kitchen cleaning routine.

 Create a cleaning routine to make kitchen cleaning easier.


Speed Clean

Simplify your kitchen cleaning routine to save time. Start by spraying stove tops and counters allowing the cleaner to sit and break down gunk and grime eliminating the need to scrub. Take this time to spot clean cabinet doors and appliances such as the microwave or coffee maker. Then wipe down light switches and refrigerator door handles – areas that are touched the most.  Finish by wiping up the treated counter tops and stove then clean out the sink removing food from the drain and drying up excess water.


Clean floors last to catch fallen debris.

Finish with the Floor

Clean floors last to catch any crumbs and debris that might fall while cleaning other surfaces. A stick vacuum makes “sweeping” easy and can capture more dust and pet hair, but a simple sweeping will also suffice.

 Polish glass.

Extra Credit

If you have a few extra minutes, adding a final shine to your kitchen can make a big impact. Polish glass surfaces such as cook tops and oven doors with a streak-free glass cleaner like Invisible Glass. The ClearDry formula eliminates the need to “re-clean” streaks and residues left behind by common glass cleaners. Make double duty of Invisible Glass and shine chrome faucets and fixtures to remove fingerprints and water spots.

These 15 minutes spent tidying up daily will save you time and effort in the long run and keep your kitchen functional and inviting. Go ahead and plan that dinner party. You’ll be ready!

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Lynda Narug


Your Invisible Glass is the only product I’ve found that removes the streaks and smeary look from my electric glass top stove. Nothing I’ve tried, even straight vinegar, works like Invisible Glass. Even products made especially for glass top stoves don’t do much, just more smears.


The importance of kitchen room is too high in a home. As it deals with the food for us, we should keep it clean to maintain its hygiene. You should devote few time everyday on its cleaning. As a result, you do not have to spend a very long time at one go. You can clean the room part by part. You can take tips from a contractor for effective cleaning. The professionals also give you ideas to clean the equipment and items of the kitchen, which require different strategies. Lets say the floor and countertop. Both require unique ways for cleaning.

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