Best Glass Cleaner Tips

Cleaning windows and glass surfaces is often a dreaded chore. These pro tips will help you to choose the best glass cleaner to make cleaning faster and easier!

Tips to choose the best glass cleaner.

Many glass cleaner products contain soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives that leave residues on glass. Residues form streaks and attract dust and grime – leaving your glass surfaces streaky and forcing you to clean more often.

Cleaning windows is already a big job without unreliable products that promise streak free but don’t deliver. Often times we blame ourselves for dingy windows. The problem isn’t how we’re cleaning but what we’re cleaning with.

Follow these tips to choose the best glass cleaner and get ready to shine!

Clean windows with a cleaner made for glass such as Invisible Glass.

Go Glass Specific

Choose a glass cleaner specifically formulated to clean the unique make up of glass surfaces. Glass is the smoothest surface known to man — making it the most difficult to clean. Multi-surface sprays deposit microscopic debris easily absorbed by many other surfaces. This debris causes streaks on glass. Plus a multi surface cleaner may cause damage to glass surfaces treated with tints and special coatings.

Soaps in glass cleaners leave streaks.

Skip Soaps

Look for a glass cleaner that is free from soaps. Foaming formulas or bottles that produce significant foaming when shaken are a good indication that soaps are a main ingredient. While soaps are a great cleaning agent, residues from soaps accumulate on windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces forming haze and streaks.

Colors in glass cleaners leave streaks.

Clean Clearly

Clear solutions are the best pick for glass. Dyes used to color cleaning liquids leave behind residues that form streaks. Plus these added dyes can stain window treatments and adjacent areas such as counter tops and window sills.

With the best glass cleaner in hand, the right tools and a few tricks of the trade your glass will be so clean you’ll think it’s invisible!

Download Our Window Cleaning Checklist to Get Started!

Clean windows using this handy Window Cleaning Checklist.


  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Vacuum with Extension Hose
  • Sponge
  • Bucket with Soapy Water
  • Residue Free Glass Cleaner

Get Started:

  1. Clean on a cloudy day. Sunlight can heat up glass causing cleaners to dry too quickly. You’ll spend all your time re-applying and cleaning up streaks from dried on cleaner. Choose a cloudy day instead.
  2. Remove draperies to ensure they don’t get wet while cleaning. Wipe down blinds using a damp microfiber cloth and tether them out of the way so the window is fully exposed.
  3. Brush window frames, tracks, and screens with a soft bristle brush. Vacuum up debris using an extension hose.
  4. Line windows sills with a microfiber cloth to catch access water then wipe screens from top to bottom using a sponge and soap and water.
  5. Choose a glass cleaner that is residue free. Cleaners containing soaps, scents, and dyes leave residues on glass. Residues form streaks and attract dust and grime to the surface.
  6. Swap paper towels and newspapers for clean microfiber cloth. Many paper products contain softening agents, inks, or detergents that can be transferred to glass when wet leaving a haze.
  7. Working from the top down clean in a side-to-side or up-and-down pattern. A circular motion can create a static charge attracting dust to the surface. Completely dry windows to avoid streak and water marks.

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Vinegar Water Newspaper
Teaspoon vinegar:16 Oz’s water and newspaper. Don’t use Newspaper color ads. Spray on cleaner. Wad up 2 or3 pages of paper and wipe till clear and dry. In temps below freezing add ISO alcohol to keep from freezing.



I make sure to a l w a y s dry my windows in a circular motion……works best for me. However, my question is — any tips for cleaning the windshield of my car? Hard to reach the bottom, and around the mirror ! I even tried that special thingy supposedly just for getting to the bottom, but even though it has a microfiber cover, it still leaves streaks 🙁

carol matta


I’m interested in anything and everything only done with CRUELTY FREE, NO TESTING on ANIMALS please! Counting on you to be truthful! Thank you!

RANDALLYNN c youngblood


I use Invisible glass in every home that I clean . I own a thriving small maid service in California and I wouldn’t use any other product. I get awesome results every time.



I use I use Armor All Clear liquid glass cleaner out of the automotive section and I use coffee filters to wipe it down with coffee filters do not have lent and they leave your windows like they are invisible use the commercial size coffee filters if you can find them they are easier

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