Clear Dry Cleaning Test

Seeing streaks with common glass cleaners?

We put the Invisible Glass Clear Dry Formula to the test with an expert panel of glass scientists. You may be surprised by what they found!

Shake up a bottle of any common glass cleaner. Seeing soapy foams? Common cleaners contain streaky soaps, scents, dyes, and other additives that leave residues on glass surfaces.

If you could zoom into a recently cleaned window you might find this – residues left behind by many common cleaners. Yuck!

Clear Dry Glass Cleaning Images(Images: Left to right: common glass cleaning brands. Invisible Glass® on the right. Magnified by 10,000.)

ClearDry Competitors Streaks

Images of real residues left behind on glass after cleaning with common glass cleaners.

Residues in common glass cleaners cling to glass surfaces. These residues form streaks and attract dust and dirt.

Invisible Glass ClearDry Glass Cleaning Products

Clear Dry Formula Means Residue Free

This chart shows how the Clear Dry Formula of Invisible Glass compares to other common glass cleaner brands. Our glass science experts measured the level of streak-causing residues left on glass after cleaning.

Invisible Glass Clear Dry TestInvisible Glass® was the ONLY glass cleaner tested to be proven 100% residue free.

The Clear Dry Formula starts clean using a unique water source. We never add streaky soaps, scents, or dyes. Our water-soluble cleaners work hard to break down greasy fingerprints, pet slobber, dust, and grime. Invisible Glass easily wipes clean and evaporate completely leaving nothing behind.

Invisible Glass makes glass so clean you’ll think it’s invisible!

Stop cleaning up after your glass cleaner.

And start cleaning with the Clear Dry Formula of Invisible Glass!

Make yours a happy home with Invisible Glass! Follow our blog for cleaning tips and home inspiration. Browse all Invisible Glass cleaning products. Clean better and less often…and enjoy the view…with Invisible Glass!