Energy Saving Cleaning Tips for Winter

We love spring – budding flowers, warmer temps, and of course the freshness and renewal that comes with spring cleaning. But thanks to a certain groundhog, spring’s arrival may seem like an eternity from now. You don’t have to put your to-do list on hold for another six weeks. Start your spring cleaning early and cut your energy bill with these energy saving cleaning tips you can do now.

Energy saving cleaning tips such as changing your furnace filter.

Change your Furnace Filter

Many experts suggest checking your furnace filter monthly to gauge how much dust and dirt is accumulating. Maintaining your furnace filter is an energy saving cleaning tip that can help improve the air quality in your home and reduce heating costs. Not sure how to check your filter? Follow these handy tips.

Cut your energy bill with these cleaning tips such as replacing light bulbs.

Dust Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are often overlooked dust-collectors. Use a dry microfiber cloth to dust from top to bottom. With the light turned off, dust over light bulbs as well. Replace any burned out bulbs and consider switching to Energy Star rated LEDs. The Department of Energy estimates that lighting accounts for about 5% of the average household energy bill. This simple switch is an easy way to cut costs.

Clean windows for more natural light and heat.

Clean Windows

Wood burning stoves, fireplaces, and even candles can contribute to a build-up of soot on windows. This film, along with everyday grime, can block natural light and heat from entering your home. Wipe down windows using a soap free cleaner that won’t leave residues on glass. Soapy residues cause streaks and attract dust and grime to glass surfaces.

Clean lint from dryer.

Vacuum the Dryer

Lint in the dryer can accumulate fast decreasing drying time and efficiency. Thoroughly clean the lint trap and crevice using a vacuum cleaner extension hose.

While you’re waiting for the weather to change take this time to make your spring cleaning checklist and save a few of our favorite spring cleaning tips.

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