Make Your Home Sparkle with Invisible Glass – Glass Cleaning Tips

Invisible Glass isn’t just for cleaning windows! Make your entire home sparkle with the residue-free, ClearDry formula of Invisible Glass. From cleaning glass top stoves and tables to appliances and mirrors you’ll love cleaning with Invisible Glass!


how to clean toothpaste from mirrors

In the Bathroom

Easily tackle toothpaste splatters and hairspray build-up on mirrors. Tuck Invisible Glass under the bathroom sink for easy access when you need it.

For faucets and fixtures that sparkle, apply the light mist of Invisible Glass using a microfiber cloth.

how to clean stainless steel

In the Kitchen

Clean and buff stainless steel appliances with Invisible Glass and a microfiber cloth to wipe out fingerprints and smudges.

Invisible Glass is perfect for cleaning glass cooktop stoves and won’t scratch the surface.

how to clean phone screen

Around the Home

Clean windows, glass doors, and mirrors with Invisible Glass using a top to bottom motion. A circular method creates static charge attracting dust and dirt to the surface.

Trade your duster for Invisible Glass wipes on photo frames and chrome and glass accessories. Because it leaves behind no dust-collecting residue you’ll clean less often.

Touchscreen phones and tablets are prime spots for fingerprints but can be tough to clean. Use the Invisible Glass Lens and Screen Wipes to cut through the grime without adding access water that can damage electronics.

Watch these videos for even more clever cleaning tips!

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